The Time Is Now For Manny Ramirez

Being the biggest New York Mets fan I know, and having to watch my team choke the last two seasons, its time to add Manny Ramirezto the team. Being a season ticket holder and spending a lot of money of my hard earned pay, the time is now to add the clutch bat we need.

After Cole Hamels' callng the team "choke artists" and the Mets doing nothing to prove him wrong, spend the money. I for one will be one of the many people to spend more money if they sign him. I feel that adding maybe the best overall bat in the game today is a no brainer.

3 years $75 million is a ton, but look at the up side. The Phillies will worry....a lot, the Yanks will lose the back page...a lot, and, when September rolls around, we have the best clutch pitcher in the game, one of the best set up and closers in the game and absolutley the best (clutch) hitter in the game. For the next 2-3 years you are the favorites. Not only in the NL East, but in baseball!!

 I'm just one person but if they sign him you have my $2,000 to $4,000 a year extra on top of my tickets. GET IT DONE!

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