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Chiefs Fire Herm Edwards, Every Chief Now A Fantasy Risk

The Kansas City Chiefs fired Head Coach Herm Edwards yesterday. 

You don't have any idea how to draft Chiefs in your fantasy league next year.  Nobody does.  There isn't a single Chief on the offensive side of the ball you can project for next season.

Larry Johnson?  Forget it, Scott Pioli didn't build the Patriots Dynasty by paying big money for bad RBs.  The Pats went 11-5 starting Ben-Jarvis-Smyth Green-Ellis-Jarvis and Kevin Faulk for crying out loud.

Tyler Thigpen?  Yeah right.  How much do you want to bet he starts Week 1?

Tony Gonzalez?  He wants a trade, he's worth a good deal, the Chiefs will lose with him or without him.  I'd be shocked if he wasn't traded.

Dwayne Bowe?  OK, he'll probably stay.  But he could be traded for picks.  And who is going to throw to him anyway?

Connor Barth?  Nick Novak?  The Chiefs kicked a total of 16 FG last season.  Their opponents kicked 33 FG.  Somebody new is coming in.

Herm Edwards was able to start a lot of guys who shouldn't have been starting in the NFL.  With a new GM and a new Head Coach, all of those guys are seeing their jobs in serious jeopardy.    Any offensive skill players taken by the Chiefs in the draft should be considered candidates to start immediately.