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MLB Rumors: Manny Ramirez And The New York Mets

This morning's New York Post has two separate articles mentioning the desire of the New York Mets to add OF Manny Ramirez. One approaches the subject from the angle of David Wright's willingness to publicly lobby for Manny. The other broaches the subject from the standpoint of the approaching Pitchers & Catchers reporting date.

In the former, Mike Puma leads into Wright's favorable opinion by noting baseball sources who believe the only reason Omar Minaya isn't bringing a Manny proposal to COO Jeff Wilpon is an edict not to spend money. Wright says:

"I know what (Ramirez) has done on the field, and that's impressive. When you can single-handedly take a team and carry it into the postseason, and then once you get into the postseason the numbers speak for themselves, that's impressive."

In the latter article, Kevin Kernan cites a Bloomberg News story where Jeff Wilpon says, "Omar and the baseball staff aren't interested." However, he immediately follows-up with sources on the "baseball staff" who disagree and believe if Omar could sign Manny he would