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Fantasy Baseball: NL Outfielders #'s 11-20

Today, I give you the 2nd set of NL only outfielders, with one outfielder on the list that many people would forget about, but he did just sign a two year deal and Bill James likes him....ALOT.

11. Hunter Pence-Pence saw a bit of a dropoff in his performance in 2008, but he plays in a hitters ballpark, and gives you a good mix of power and speed.

Bill James Projection: 29-100-91-13-.294-.346-.519

12. Jayson Werth-probably not on too many top 20 lists, but Werth quietly went 20-20 last year, and James expects more of the same in 2009.

Bill James Projection: 25-89-88-21-.279-.369-.484

13. Chris Young-young Dback OFer provides solid power and speed totals, but his avg won't help you much. He may run more for a team that struggles to score runs.

Bill James Projection: 26-79-86-17-.255-.325-.480

14. Brad Hawpe-Hawpe provides good power totals along with a good avg., but no speed whatsoever.

Bill James Projection: 27-99-76-.281-.374-.500

15. Rick Ankiel-Ankiel has tremendous power for those starved for HRs. He has been rumored to be traded this offseason as STL wants to make room for prospect Colby Rasmus.

Bill James Projection:31-96-77-.263-.324-.504

16. Shane Victorino-another Phillie makes the list. Vic can give a little bit of pop and solid SB totals-expect 30+ SBs in 2009.

Bill James Projection: 13-54-88-27-.286-.345-.428

17. Andre Ethier-Ethier has turned into a very good major league hitter, and could hit 25 HRs hitting in front of Manny in 2009. James HR estimate looks light to me.

Bill James Projection: 19-79-81-5-.303-.374-.492

18. Mike Cameron-if he could hit .270, Cameron would be higher on this list, but his avg will hurt most roto rosters. Still, he will give you 20-20 production again.

Bill James Projection: 24-80-82-18-.237-.325-.434

19. Lasting Milledge-another guy who won't make many top 20 lists, but I think he can break out with a 20-20 season in 2009, should he stay healthy.

Bill James Projection: 15-67-71-22-.281-.347-.439

20. Raul Ibanez-I thought about placing Justin Upton here, but Ibanez is more established and hits in a very good hitters park in a lineup that scores runs.

Bill James Projection: 22-100-84-.278-.343-.448

There are other outfielders who could easily make the top 20 list in 2009, including Justin Upton, Cameron Maybin, Jeremy Hermida, Milton Bradley and Bobby Abreu (should he sign in the NL).