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Fantasy Baseball: Top 10 NL Outfielders

Continuing the Top 10 series, I give you the top 10 NL only outfielders. I will post the next 10 outfielders on Thursday.

1. Ryan Braun-I went back and forth between Braun and Carlos Beltran, but Braun has more power and should continue to improve upon his first two years in Milwaukee. How many remember all the experts saying Braun would not duplicate his ROY season?

Bill James Projection: 44-120-112-16-.310-.364-.620

2. Carlos Beltran-Beltran continues to produce solid numbers across the board inn 4x4 and 5x5 leagues. Will Citifield bring down his power numbers?

Bill James Projection: 30-107-110-23-.277-.369-.501

3. Alfonso Soriano-if he can ever stay healthy, we could see another 30-30 season from Soriano. But will Piniella allow him to run enough?

Bill James Projection: 33-84-93-21-.278-.332-.519

4. Manny Ramirez-assuming he signs with an NL team, Manny tore up NL pitching for 2+ months in 2008. But was that contract driven?

Bill James Projection: 34-113-95-.301-.404-.551

5. Carlos Lee-is there a difference between Lee and Manny Ramirez? Yes, Lee can steal double digit SBs for you, but probably won't.

Bill James Projection: 32-109-85-8-.293-.355-.524

6. Matt Kemp- he has all the tools, but when does the power show up? He surprised with the SBs in 2008, do we get the power surprise in 2009? James doesn't think so, even still 20-30 is not out of reach.

Bill James Projection: 19-80-96-32-.311-.360-.496

7. Nate McLouth- can McLouth continue to give fantasy/roto owners 20-20 every year? I think so.

Bill James Projection: 21-72-103-22-.275-.350-.470

8. Corey Hart-another solid season in 2008 for Hart. He should be good for another 20-20 season, but the strikeouts are mounting, and he doesn't walk.

Bill James Projection: 20-83-77-21-.286-.336-.496

9. Ryan Ludwick-was 2008 a career year for the 30 year OFer? I think it was, and STL apparently was ready to trade him a month ago. James thinks he can hit 30 HRs again. Maybe he should be ranked higher?

Bill James Projection: 31-100-91-.281-.351-.528

10. Jay Bruce-he breaks the top 10 in his first full year in the majors. Does Adam Dunn deserve it more due to the 40 HRs?

Bill James Projection: 35-90-94-12-.296-.351-.540