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2009 Fantasy Baseball: The Top Five Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates do not have five players that fantasy players will be sure to take in this year's drafts. 20/20 OF Nate McLouth a the best of the lot and is being grabbed around the end of the 5th round. Catcher Ryan Doumit has driven last season's 15 HR/.315 AVG effort into the 10th round, and closer Matt Capps goes a couple rounds later.

After those three, no other Pirate is certain to be drafted. 1B Adam LaRoche gets selcted in just over 50% of the drafts, and no other Pirates cracks a 10% drafted figure. As a result, I make AAA toolsy CF Andrew McCutchen No. 5.

That said, should we believe in Paul Maholm's 1.27 WHIP and rank him in the top five?

Rank Player Position
1 Nate McLouth OF
2 Ryan Doumit C
3 Matt Capps Closer
4 Adam LaRoche 1B
5 Andrew McCutchen AAA-OF