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Fantasy Baseball: Top 10 NL 3Bman

Continuing the series of Top 10s for the National League, I address the Top 10 NL only 3bman:

1. David Wright-he's a 5-category producer, and perennial 1st round pick in snake drafts.

Bill James Projection: 33-120-113-17-.311-.402-.552

2. Aramis Ramirez-am I the only one who thought he lost alot of weight last year? Due to Mitchell report?

Bill James Projection: 31-111-88-.291-.364-.524

3. Chipper Jones-when healthy, he provides very good numbers across the board-minus the SBs. The question remains-when does his body shut down and bury fantasy owners?

Bill James Projection: 23-82-82-4-.315-.420-.532

4. Troy Glaus-Glaus is another guy, who, when healthy, provides solid numbers across the board, with a decent avg.

Bill James Projection: 31-97-83-.260-.367-.490

5. Mark Reynolds-his avg will kill you, but has tremendous power, and could reach double digits in SBs again in 2009. Could break the top 3 in 2009 if he hits close to what James projects.

Bill James Projection: 32-105-101-10-.269-.350-.515

6. Ryan Zimmerman-went with Zimm here, as Atkins declining power scares me, especially without Holliday. Zimmerman is younger, and will be hitting is a slightly better lineup in 2009.

Bill James Projection: 22-87-84-3-.290-.351-.484

7. Garret Atkins-I was going to put Jorge Cantu here, but went with Atkins. He isn't as bad as 2008 says he was, is he?

Bill James Projection: 22-105-90-.297-.359-.473

8. Edwin Encarnacion-this guys hits a ton of flyballs. If he can increase his HR/FB %, he could go 30-90 one year.

Bill James Projection: 25-85-83-.278-.356-.490

9. Kevin Kouzmanoff-James likes this guy, but he plays in SD. He's coming off shoulder surgery, so keep an eye on him in spring training.

Bill James Projection: 25-94-76-.283-.332-.479

10. Jorge Cantu-was 2008 a fluke year for Cantu, or a sign of things to come?

Bill James Projection:24-92-76-.268-.315-.467

There are a few other younger 3bman that fantasy/roto owners should keep their eye on including Ian Strewart (COL), Andy Laroche (PITT), Mat Gamel (MIL), Chase Headley (SD) and Brett Wallace (STL). Stewart is 3b eligible, but could see some time in LF and 2b this year in Colorado, and could start at 3b pending the health of Todd Helton. He could break the top 10 very easily this season.