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2009 Fantasy Baseball: The Top Five Milwaukee Brewers

The top of the Top Five Milwaukee Brewers is straight forward and without debate going into the 2009 fantasy baseball season. It is when it comes to the 4th and 5th spots that disagreement breaches the discussion.

Do you take the 20+ HR SS who is yet to play his Age 27 season and had a .878 OPS in the second half of 2008 or do you go with the young hurler who tantalized fantasy players last winter? I recall this hurler was also mentioned in the same conversation with Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum.

I went with SS J.J. Hardy and ranked SP Yovanni Gallardo 5th. Beyond the five Brewers, the pickings are slim given the devastatingly disappointing season of 2B Rickie Weeks.

Rank Player Position
1 Ryan Braun OF
2 Prince Fielder 1B
3 Corey Hart OF
4 J.J. Hardy SS
5 Yovanni Gallardo SP