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2009 Fantasy Baseball: The Top Five Houston Astros

The top five Houston Astros in fantasy baseball for 2009 are fairly easy to determine. Lance Berkman thanks to his healthy 2008 campaign and gaudy SBs at 1B. OF Carlos Lee missed a third of the year with an injury, and I have just a little worry that injury-free will be harder to apply. The difference is more gray than black so I wouldn't bat an eyelash if others considered Lee better than Berkman.

OF Hunter Pence and SP Roy Oswalt are clearly the thrid and fourth best Astros. The ordering of these two players is no greater than that between Berkman and Lee. I went with Oswalt on the basis of his WHIP and Pence's AVG and SB%. He was caught ten times in 21 SB attempts. While I doubt the Astros will be able to stop "creating" opportunities in 2009, the CS is a worry for me.

Rank Player Position
1 Lance Berkman 1B
2 Carlos Lee OF
3 Roy Oswalt SP
4 Hunter Pence OF
5 Jose Valverde Closer