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2009 Fantasy Baseball: The Top Five Cincinnati Reds

The top fantasy players for the Cincinnati Reds essentially revolve around the teams' two rookies, three if your are one of the BBWAA's voters who chose Edinson Volquez. 1B Joey Votto ranks highest of those three because he has demonstrated better plate discipline than OF Jay Bruce and could steal 10 bases from the first base position.

While some may think I should have led off with a brief discusion of the top-ranked fantasy players of the Reds, I decided against it given Brandon Phillips drop in production from the 2007 season. His plate discipline remained poor, and I fear the 30/30/.300 2007 will be Phillips' career season. While I wouldn't draft any Red before Phillips, I am wary enough about a mere repeat of 2008 to skip Phillips and gamble on Votto or bruce five rounds later.

Rank Player Position
1 Brandon Phillips 2B
2 Joey Votto 1B
3 Jay Bruce OF
4 Edinson Volquez SP
5 Edwin Encarnacion 3B