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Who Wants Terrell Owens?

Some rumors from Michael Lombardi at The National Football Post (thanks to Blogging the Boys)

I know the Cowboys are having serious internal discussions about releasing Terrell Owens very soon.  Serious discussions.  The $3.1-million roster bonus due Owens in March is also adding to the discussions.   It may affect the decision that Jason Garrett makes if he is offered a head coaching job. 

Not incredibly surprising, but it would have big fantasy implications.

First, where would T.O. go?  Or, to put it another way, who wants to put up with him?  If you're looking for some fantasy-interesting options, how about Miami?  Minnesota?  Atlanta?  How good could Matt Ryan be with T.O. as the WR2?   Tennessee?  New Orleans?  Houston?  There are a TON of options.

Second, who would the Cowboys slot in as their WR2?  Don't say Patrick Crayton.  The 'Boys would likely be ready to lay out big money for the top free agents, which probably means Houshmandzadeh or Colston.  Or maybe they position themselves in the draft to get Crabtree or Heyward-Bey.   Jerry Jones will not sit still if Owens gets released, I guarantee that.