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MLB Rumors: The P.R. Front For Manny Ramirez And Oliver Perez

Just a couple of quick notes on the P.R. fronts for free agents Manny Ramirez and Oliver Perez, the two highest profile free agents remaining who are represented by Scott Boras. The New York Post reports this second-hand from Boras about what it would take to sign Oliver Perez:

...recently told one GM he's seeking a five-year deal for the 27-year-old lefty, making it seem likely Minaya will have to add at least a fourth year - the deal breaker in the Lowe negotiations - if he wants Perez in his rotation.

Who are the Mets bidding against for Perez' services? Is there another Atlanta Braves out there ready to swoop in with an offer that blows away the Mets current three-year/$30 million offer?

Boras went on KBAR radio as reported by the Contra Costa Times and said this about Manny Ramirez' desire to play in San Francisco:

"Manny wants to win, and Manny wants to play for a team that wants him. The Giants are a team that has just an extraordinarily young nucleus of pitching....When we were looking for potential suitors, it was clear Manny felt that the Giants were a team that had a chance to go somewhere."