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Fantasy Baseball: Top 10 NL 2Bman

This list has a dramatic falloff in talent after the first few guys on the list, but here you go:

1. Chase Utley-even coming off the hip surgery, he should be the top 2bman in the NL in 2009. I am curious if there is an effect on his power.

Bill James Projection: 30-109-112-12-.299-.381-.527

2, Dan Uggla-he won't hit for avg. but gives you solid HR and RBI numbers year in and year out. He does strike out alot. Wonder if he is the next Marlin traded should they fall out of contention, but I doubt they will.

Bill James Projection: 31-93-106-5-.261-.344-.488

3. Brandon Phillips-another guy who won't hit for a high avg., but will give you 20-20 at 2b. Why did I ever trade him for Andy Laroche?

Bill James Projection: 21-76-84-22-.263-.313-.431

4. Kelly Johnson-converted OFer, provides some pop, a nive avg, and some SBs. Not spectacular, but steady. Another guy I traded.

Bill James Projection: 15-67-84-10-.284-.364-.459

5. Rickie Weeks-still young, but has not stayed healthy, or hit enough to make the top 3. A 20-20 season is possible in 2009.

Bill James Projection: 17-55-100-21-.257-.364-.435

6. Orlando Hudson-he picked a bad year to get hurt, his walk year. He'll give you a nice avg. and a little pop-great glove though.

Bill James Projection: 11-59-71-6-.283-.353-.420

7. Mike Fontenot-I think he can surprise this year if he gets enough ABs. He'll give you a nice avg, and double digit HRs while hitting in a good lineup.

Bill James Projection: 9-43-54-4-.288-.363-.447

8. Kaz Matsui-former star in Japan, hasn't been the star he was projected to be in MLB. Will give you some speed and decent avg. in 2009. Not crazy about slotting him here.

Bill James Projection: 8-44-69-19-.275-.330-.399

9. Emilio Bonifacio-he's eligible at 2b, but may play 3b for the Marlins in 2009. What he provides is speed and more speed. Could steal 40 if he can get on base enough. If so, he would move up this list fairly quickly.

Bill James Projection: 1-30-60-27-.272-.318-.347

10. Emmanuel Burriss-another speed guy who could steal 40 bases in 2009. But can he beat out Kevin Frandsen? I think so.

Bill James Projection: 2-43-80-29-.276-.338-.326

There are other 2bman who could make this list in 2009 like Blake Dewitt, Felipe Lopez or Freddy Sanchez, but I decided to include the speed guys at the bottom of the list.