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Fantasy Baseball: Top 10 NL Catchers

I will follow up Thomasps3 excellent breakdown of the AL-only catchers yesterday, with a run down of the top 10 NL catchers. Here you go:

1. Brian McCann-is a middle of the order hitter in the Braves lineup. He hit 23 HRs and 87 RBI is 2008 with an OPS near .900.

Bill James Projection: 24-98-68-.301-.370-.525

2. Geovany Soto-the Cubs catcher was solid in his rookie year hitting 23 HR and 86 RBIs. He could be the #1 catcher in 2009.

Bill James Projection: 23-89-71-.293-.370-.499

3. Russell Martin-doesn't have the power that Soto and McCann have, but could steal 20 bases for you. Torre should get him a capable backup so he can improve upon his terrible 2nd half.

Bill James Projection: 15-79-91-17-.292-.390-.439

4. Bengie Molina-Molina hit in the middle of the Giants lineup in 2008, and flourished, leading the team with 95 RBI. He could drive in 90+ again for SF in 2009.

Bill James Projection: 17-83-45-.281-.347-.439

5. Chris Iannetta-Iannetta lived up to his potential in 2008 with 18 HR and an OPS near .900. He could break the top 3 catchers in 2009.

Bill James Projection: 21-79-71-.272-.382-.488

6. Ryan Doumit-Doumit broke out in 2008 after winning the starting catchers job in spring training. He should improve upon his 2008 numbers.

Bill James Projection: 20-87-82-.305-.358-.500

7. Chris Snyder-Snyder will be the everyday catcher in 2009 for the Diamondbacks. He could hit 20+ HRs in that hitter's heaven.

Bill James Projection: 16-63-49-..243-.342-.429

8. Ramon Hernandez-Hernandez was traded to the Reds in December. He could hit 20 HRs in Cincy.

Bill James Projection: 16-74-55.261-.324-.417

9. Jesus Flores: Flores drove in 59 runs in just 301 ABs for the Nationals in 2008. James likes him to improve upon those numbers in 2009.

Bill James Projection: 12-81-43-.250-.304-.397

10. Yadier Molina-Bengies brother is better behind that plate, but not with the bat. He is steady and won't hurt you like other catchers can.

Bill James Projection: 8-60-40-.273-.329-.370

Note: Should the Giants Pablo Sandoval be eligible at catcher in your roto/fantasy league, he could be the top NL-only catcher in 2009.

Bill James Projection: 17-103-90-.320-.346-.500