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MLB Rumors: Michael Young And The Boston Red Sox

Texas Rangers' SS Michael Young would rather be traded than move to 3B to make room for a younger, defensively-better SS Elvis Andrus. At a time when the Rangers' farm system is churning out top prospects in ways reminiscent of the Tampa Bay Rays, some will forget the Rangers signed Young two years ago to a $80MM contract that has yet to kick-in.

That bad decision now haunts the Rangers as the economy has gone into the crapper along with Young's production and defense. As a result, one cannot expect the Rangers to find a taker for Young without the Rangers eating some of the $80MM owed. On the plus side, Young has indicated he would move to 2B. This opens the possibility of the New York Mets getting thrown into the rumor mongering market.

All speculation aside, Michael Young, Texas Ranger 3B, leaves Hank Blalock or Chris Davis out of a job. I expect something to happen.

In Boston, chatter is picking-up about the Red Sox acquiring a young catcher. Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald reports the young catcher is Miguel Montero of the Arizona Diamondbacks rather than one of the young Rangers' catchers.