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2009 Fantasy Baseball: The Top Five Baltimore Orioles

If OF Nick Markakis hadn't seen a drop from 18 to 10 SBs last season, he'd rank first. What concerned me was seven caught stealings versus just six in 2007. With a decrease in HRs, I had to place him behind Brian Roberts.

One thing that has me thinking Markakis could improve at the plate is the dramatic increase in walks, He drew 61 in 2007 and 99 in 2008. The SBs may be gone, but I am not ready to think the drop in HRs is permanent.

As for the rest of the top five, Huff's season was too good to ignore, and he has 1B and 3B eligibility. If the O's were not having a closer competition this Spring between George Sherrill and Chris Ray, I would more strongly considered having the closer in the five spot.

Rank Player Position
1 Brian Roberts 2B
2 Nick Markakis OF
3 Aubrey Huff 1B/3B
4 Matt Wieters C
5 Adam Jones OF