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Calls To Dump Jake Delhomme Grow Louder

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After a historically-bad playoff performance from Jake Delhomme last night (205 passing yards, 1 TD, 5 INT, 1 lost fumble), there are already calls for the Panthers to dump Jake Delhomme.

Delhomme's 34 and that's not ancient but he's not 21 any more and it seems Bad Jake is starting to appear more frequently than Good Jake.

Now the Panthers have to decide if they should get rid of both.

Forget it, this is a non-story. 

There were questions about Delhomme's reconstructed shoulder going into the season, but a solid year (he finished with more passing yards than Eli Manning) dispelled any questions about that.  He's a good QB and more importantly, better than any other option the Panthers have (or could reasonably have) in the near future.

That doesn't mean Delhomme is a great fantasy QB though, because he's not.  He was a decent backup, that's it.  However, this loss should motivate the Panthers to make some changes that will help Delhomme.  Hopefully they find a legitimate WR2 to play behind Steve Smith.   If they find the right guy, Delhomme could be an underrated fantasy QB next season.