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What Happens To Kerry Collins?

The Titans blew their AFC Divisional Playoff game against the Ravens yesterday, losing 13-10 despite outgaining the Ravens 391 yards to 211.  Titans QB Kerry Collins was solid, though not outstanding, completing 62% of his passes for 281 yards and an interception.

Never mind that though, the fantasy implication to come out of this game is the future status of Kerry Collins (and, of course, Vince Young). 

Collins is a free agent this season, though there probably isn't another team in the NFL willing to give Collins a starting role.  Collins has threatened that he'll retire if the Titans don't promise him the starting job.  This is the perfect situation for Collins -- he's on a team that should be playoff-bound again next season, he doesn't have to carry the team on his back and he can demand that he's the starter.  So what happens?

Rotoworld thinks that the Titans will re-sign him, meaning another season of VY on the bench.  I'm not so sure, although it wouldn't surprise me if the Titans try to trade Young in the offseason.  How would the Vikings look with Vince Young behind center?  Hmm.  If the Titans bring back Collins, it probably closes the book on Vince Young in Nashville.

By the way, Kerry Collins is 14th in NFL history in Passing Yards, ahead of Jim Kelly, Phil Simms and Steve Young.  That fact shocked me -- how is that possible?   He also has more career touchdown passes than Staubach, Starr, Aikman or Namath.  I realize it comes down to more than just stats, but don't you have to start giving consideration to Kerry Collins as a Hall of Famer?