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MLB Rumors: XM Radio Sunday Edition - Derek Lowe Or Oliver Perez?

Caught some of Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton's show this afternoon. Here are some of the stories/rumors that he tossed out to the listeners:

  • Atlanta is considering offering Derek Lowe 4 yrs $65 million. Do the Mets counter?
  • Mets held a 3 hr meeting with Oliver Perez to decide whether they make him an offer, or increase their offer to Derek Lowe. I think they go with Perez.
  • The Yankees may look to Oliver Perez if they don't sign Andy Pettite. Pettite recently countered the Yankees 1 yr $10 million offer, which the Yankees rejected.
  • Seattle is considering making Tyler Walker their closer
  • The Dodgers are considering, or have made, a 2 yr $25 million offer to Adam Dunn
  • Cincinnatti is interested in Bobby Abreu, as long as he lowers his contract demands
  • Cincinnatti is still discussing a trade with the Yankees for either Xavier Nady or Nick Swisher. But the Yankees asking price is pitching prospect Homer Bailey.
  • The Atlanta Braves are going after closer Brandon Lyon? what about Mike Gonzalez? who closes if they sign Lyon?
  • Boston is discussing a deal including pitching prospects Michael Bowden and Daniel Bard for Texas catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia
  • Ryan Howard is asking for $20mm in arbitration-wow! Do they end up trading him this year??
  • Are the Dodgers serious about a starting rotation that includes Claudio Vargas and Shawn Estes? Maybe due to Chad Billingsley's slow recovery from the broken leg? We should soon find out.
  • The LA Daily News' Tony Jackson says the Dodgers are looking at signing either Randy Wolf, Jon Garland or Braden Looper.