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2009 Fantasy Baseball: The Top Five Tampa Bay Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays Top 5 was easy enough to assemble. Ordering those players was a little more challenging thanks to the third season of declining HRs and SBs of Carl Crawford. The production of 2006 is now two full seasons removed. It is time to begin thinking those levels are gone.

Despite that glum assessment for a member of the Barack Obama of major league baseball teams, I still think Crawford is valuable. Assuming good health, I can see 30-40 SBs and hope for a focus on HRs as his legs continue to betray his base stealing.

For pitchers, I could have really flipped a coin on Shields and Kazmir. Kazmir is the pitcher with the most upside in Ks. In fact, he threw 63 fewer innings than Shields and struck out six more batters. However, Shields to the #4 spot due to an injury-free past and better control.

Rank Player Position
1 B.J. Upton OF
2 Evan Longoria 3B
3 Carl Crawford OF
4 James Shields SP
5 Scott Kazmir SP