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NFL Free Agent Quarterbacks, Part 2 - David Garrard, Kurt Warner, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

Three more free agent quarterbacks to keep your eyes on this season:

David Garrard, Jax - Jacksonville management gushed about Garrard last year calling him "the heart of the team".  Of course, that was when they were winning so now maybe he's the kidney or spleen of the team. The Jaguars don't have any money spend and they don't have any receivers anyway, so they'll probably re-sign him for another season.  Unless/until Head Coach Jack Del Rio gets fired.  Prediction: He stays, fantasy value improves.
Kurt Warner, Arz - Warner has publically said that he's thinking about retirement, but it has to be fun throwing the ball to Boldin and Fitzgerald all day long.  It doesn't look like St. Louis, Seattle or San Francisco are going to be getting much better any time soon, so he can look forward to what should be another successful year in 2009.  It's not like the Cards have anybody else to play QB...oh right they do, that Matt Leinart guy.  Huh.  Prediction: He stays, fantasy value is the same.
Michael Vick, FA -- Hey, don't laugh, he gets out of prison in July.  Of course Commissioner Goodell could suspend him for who knows how long as soon as he steps out of the prison gate, but considering the guy has been in jail it might seem like overkill to slap a suspension on him again.  I can't imagine any team would just hand him the starting job (ok, maybe Detroit), but I can think of several teams that could use a veteran backup and would be willing to help "rehabilitate" him.  One injury to Joe Flacco later and it's "Hello Fantasy Starter'!  Think about it, that's all I'm saying.  Prediction: He signs, little to no fantasy value.