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Fantasy Baseball: Offseason Trading

About one week after the World Series was over, I completed a trade with Eric's brother in a NL only 4x4 roto league. The deal went like this:

I traded a $10 S1 Willy Taveras and Arizona minor league pitcher Jarrod Parker for a $10 S1 Ricky Nolasco.

I made the deal with the thought that Taveras would not get regular playing time next year, and Parker is about 2 years from the majors. I traded for Nolasco as I feel he broke out in 2008, and has become an ace-type pitcher. In addition, I lost Chad Billingsley as I did not offer him a long-term contract at the beginning of the 2008 season, and I feel I have enough speed on my roster with Matt Kemp, Rafael Furcal, Ryan Spilborgh and Pirates prospect Andrew McCutchen, who is expected to see time in the majors in 2009.

Now that the Reds have signed Taveras, I am wondering if I gave up too much for the Nolasco breakout year. Should I have waited to see where Taveras signed before dealing him?