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What The &^% Happened? - Week 1

Some thoughts on the fantasy week that was.

- Mr. Testaverde, Mr. Vinnie Testaverde….message for you from Boston on the white courtesy phone.

- Michael Turner only needs to average 52 rushing yards a game from now on to hit 1000 rushing yards for the season.  This guy seriously needs a nickname.

- The group of Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Seattle, San Diego and Indianapolis is a combined 0-5.

- Here are two lines from this weekend.

   30 for 49, 257 pass yds, 1 TD, 0 INT

   26 for 43, 251 pass yds, 2 TD, 1 INT

  One of those lines is from Peyton Manning, the other is from…Chad Pennington.  Hmmmm.

- Pittsburgh scored 38 points and Atlanta scored 34 points.  Ben Rothlisberger had 14 pass attempts and Matt Ryan had 13 pass attempts.   That's for the entire game.

- As a comparison, Peyton Manning threw the ball 49 times and the Colts only scored 13.

- Both on the field and especially fantasy-wise, Carson Palmer was absolutely schooled by rookie Joe Flacco on Sunday.

- I bet Rashard Mendenhall feels pretty bad today.

- Is anybody else worried that the leading rushers for their respective teams are Ricky Williams, Steve Slaton, Pierre Thomas and…Le’Ron McClain?!

- JaMarcus Russell had better passing stats than Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, Kyle Orton or Aaron Rodgers. Big Ben, Flacco, Orton and Rodgers all won their games. Russell lost by 27 points.

- Greg Jennings is going to be just fine.

- The Jaguars had a total of 33 rushing yards on Sunday.  For the entire team.  For the entire game.  That's normally a solid 1st quarter for Jones-Drew.   If the Titans defense is really that good, the AFC is in trouble.