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Fantasy Football Sleepers - Part 2

The rest of my sleepers for the NFC

NFC East

Washington – Fred Davis, TE – I realize there’s probably not much need for backup TEs in your fantasy league, but Davis is a guy to keep an eye on.  Jim Zorn’s version of the west coast offense will utilize two tight ends at times and Davis is big target who’s played well so far in the preseason.  If Cooley were to get injured, Davis would be a top fantasy TE.

NY Giants – Steve Smith, WR – The other Steve Smith was an underappreciated part of the Giants’ Super Bowl win and now will be looking to gain regular playing time.  If Amani Toomer’s knee continues to act up, the speedy Smith will get that chance.

Dallas – Sam Hurd, WR – The Cowboys really, really, really need WR Patrick Crayton to step it up this season.  But if he doesn’t, or somebody gets injured, then Hurd is the name that will be called. He’s a 3rd year WR that knows the offense – he’s played in 31 of the 32 games over the past two seasons.

Philadelphia – Reggie Brown, WR – OK, I admit Brown isn’t really a sleeper since everybody knows who he is.  But he gets no respect in fantasy drafts and he should so I’m including him.  He’s played in every single game over the past three seasons and averaged 722 rec yds and 5 TDs per season.  That’s not Pro Bowl-level, but it’s not bad.  With Kevin Curtis out for a while and DeSean Jackson on the other side, Brown has his chance.


NFC West

St. Louis – Drew Bennett, WR – Somebody has to fill the gigantic shoes of Issac Bruce, and that job falls to Drew Bennett.   He’s underwhelming everybody based on fantasy drafts I’ve seen but the Rams are going to have throw the ball because they should be behind in just about every game this season.

San Francisco – J.T. O’Sullivan, QB – Six years in the league, eight different teams and a total of 26 career pass attempts.  Now he’s taking charge of what could be the most improved fantasy offense in the league.  Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of him – Mike Martz has (he played in Detroit last season) and that’s all that matters.

Seattle – Courtney Taylor, WR – With Bobby Engram out for up to eight weeks, the Seahawks need somebody to start at WR.  Taylor is somebody who was once a highly regarded rookie out of Auburn.  By “once”, I mean “last season”.  The kid is supposed to have talent and he’ll have plenty of chances to prove it early this season.

Arizona – Kurt Warner, QB – Yeah, yeah, I know, picking a guy who was the NFL and Super Bowl MVP as a sleeper is cop-out.   So sue me.  If you drafted before August 23rd this guy probably wasn’t even selected, now he might finish the season as a top five fantasy quarterback.  Sleep on that.