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2009 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Starting Pitchers

Yesterday, I did a quick Top 10 for the 2009 fantasy baseball season. At #9 and #10 was Carlos Quentin and Ian kinsler. Those spots could have been easily occupied by Ryan Braun and Josh Hamilton. Or by a starting pitcher.

My question is which one. Do you take a veteran ace like Johan Santana? Or a new veteran ace like C.C. Sabathia? Or an fresh ace like Tim Lincecum.

Here are the three pitchers relevent fantasy stats.

Pitcher TM 2009 Age IP K ERA WHIP
Johan Santana NYM 30 196 169 2.71 1.15
C.C. Sabathia TBD 29 210.1 208 2.82 1.13
Tim Lincecum SF 25 190.1 216 2.60 1.19