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Fantasy Football Rankings - Tier 9 Wide Receivers

Whew!  Finished just before the start of the season...

Lee Evans, Buf – Evans must feel like a drowning man who has just been thrown a rope.  The rope isn’t QB Trent Edwards, but rookie WR James Hardy, a speedster who will draw defensive attention away from Evans.  Evans will probably struggle to reach 1000 rec yds this season, but there is the chance that everything will click in Buffalo and Evans becomes a solid fantasy WR2.  He has a lot of upside this season.

Joey Galloway, TB – Galloway is older and slower, but he is the WR1 on a solid team with a QB who can throw the ball downfield. He’s completely hit-and-miss at this point; last season he had two games with 115+ receiving yards and two games with 7 receiving yards.  He’s an option to put in your flex slot and then keep your fingers crossed, but he’s not a week-to-week fantasy option.

Anthony Gonzalez, Ind – This guy is probably the biggest high risk/high-reward WR in fantasy football this season.  If he gets a consistent starting spot, he’s going to produce around 1100 yards and 10 TDs.  If he doesn’t, he’ll get anywhere from 50-75% of that. If Marvin Harrison is injured or has his legal issues bite him, it will be the former.  If not, it’s the latter.  He’s an essential handcuff if you draft Reggie Wayne early.

Derrick Mason, Bal – There were five WRs with 100+ catches last season and four of the names shouldn’t be a surprise: Houshmandzadeh, Fitzgerald, Wayne and Welker.  Ok, the fifth one shouldn’t be a surprise either considering who this review is about: Derrick Mason.  Mason barely topped 1000 yards and only had five touchdowns, but he had 5+ receptions in a whopping thirteen games.  In PPR leagues he’s worth quite a lot more than in non-PRR leagues, but keep in mind the Ravens’ QB situation is a mess which won’t help.