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Week Four Answers: Buffalo Bills 31 St. Louis Rams 14

Q: Will this be a the Bills 2008 statement game?

A: The final score says it was, but the score at the half says it wasn't. Being down 14-6 to the Rams makes a statement but not the kind Bills' fans hoped for. Other than Lee Evans' 88 yards receving, there is nothing in the team's stats to stake the claim to dominace. QB Trent Edwards threw for 197 yards, and RB Marshawn Lynch managed just 3 YPC on 19 carries. On defense, the Bills allowed RB Stephen Jackson to total 198 yards.

Q: Does the benching of QB Marc Bulger in favor of Trent Green do more than risk the health of Green?

A: Nope. The move to Green was inexplicable. The Rams had given Bulger a big contract the year before, and everyone but Scott Linehan could see Bulger was stuck with a poor o-line. The only organization in more disarray right now is the Oakland Raiders.