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Week Four Answers: San Diego Chargers 28 Oakland Raiders 18

Q: Is the San Diego defense back? Can Ladainian Tomlinson have a #1 overall pick type of game?

A: I want to say it is but JaMarcus Russell performed well and alos lead directly to the Chargers' win with a dumb INT and a fumble later in the game. Fortunately, Ladainian Tomilinson had his best game of the season with 106 rushing yards on 20 carries.

Q: Can QB JaMarcus Russell have a good passing game against the Chargers without a 100% healthy Darren McFadden or Justin Fargas?

A: Yes, he can. The Chargers' pass defense can no longer be considered fearsome. Russell looked very good until the end of the third quarter where successive turnovers lead directly to Chargers' TDs. While Russell's stats depended heavily on RBs and TEs, one can't ignore the second-year QBs 22/37 effort.