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Week Four Answers: Atlanta Falcons 9 Carolina Panthers 24

Q: Does RB Michael Turner have a good game?

A: No, he does not. With just 56 yards on 18 carries and a catch for -1 yards in a close game, this can't be considered any other way. When Turner faces awful defenses, he shines brighter than Barack Obama at a MSNBC programming meeting. When the defense is decent, Turner is Sarah Palin at a National Organization of Women fundraiser.

Q: Does WR Steve Smith have a big game or will RBs D'Angelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart lead the team?

A: Smith had a big game with 6 receptions, 96 yards and a TD, but his current, and former, teammate Muhsin Muhammad had a bigger game with 8 catches, 147 yards and a TD. These twin efforts didn't mean the Panthers didn't run well, though, Williams and Stewart combined for 109 yards split nearly in half with Stewart getting the TD.