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Week Four Answers: Green Bay Packers 21 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30

Q: Rookie WR Jordy Nelson caught four passes last week. Does he follow-up with another quality WR3 effort?

A: Nelson caught four passes for 31 yards. For WRs, I usually look at the number of receptions rather than the total yards so this qualifies as a "quality" WR3 effort in PPR formats. As notable was the one reception game of Donald Driver.

Q: How does RB Earnest Graham rebound from last week's struggles against the Chicago Bears?

A: Very well and in the manner he produced in the first two games - with a big run at the end of the game to push his yaradgae totals over 100. Any Earnest Graham owners need to be concerned about RB Warrick Dunn's continued use though.