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Week Four Answers: Arizona Cardinals 35 New York Jets 56

Q: Will RB Tim Hightower have his 2008 breakout game?

A: Thanks to Kurt Warner's turnover-itis in the 2nd quarter, the Cardinals found themselves down 34-0 at the half.  Tim Hightower really had no chance to breakout with that kind of deficit.  One would see Edgerrin James' 2 TDs and think this is no longer something to watch, but James had just 9 carries to Hightower's 6.

Q: How does the Brett Favre-led passing game look?

A: Did the Cardinals' insult Eric Mangini's momma or what?  The Jets ran-up the score late in this game.  Favre threw six TDs but surprising did not crack 300 yards passing.  Given the field position the Jets got thanks to those turnovers, this isn't too surprising.  What I liked is the fact the Jets threw more than they ran.  This team can win the division with that formula.

Fantasy Player To Watch:  WR Steve Breaton caught nine passes for 122 yards.  If WR Anquan Boldin's head injury proves to be serious, Breaston steps into his role.  He'd be expected to perform at a 4th/5th round value.