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Interview With Roger Rotter Of Foxsports Fantasy

Recently, I had the privilege to speak with's fantasy expert, Roger Rotter, about the upcoming fantasy football season.  He kindly took the time to answer six questions about the upcoming season.  For more analysis from Roger, visit him at his blog.  For more fantasy sports info, visit Foxsport's fantasy site.

Here are the six questions along with Roger's answers.

1.  Frank Gore or Marion Barber III?

Evident by the preseason, Marion Barber will be heavily featured in Dallas' offense, in addition to his goal-line duties. Last season, Barber received 204 carries compared to Julius Jones' 164 handoffs for 55 percent of their rushing attempts. In the third preseason game, Barber was given 13 carries compared to rookie Felix Jones' five handoffs for 72 percent of their attempts. In addition, Barber has a better offensive line, quarterback and receivers compared to Frank Gore in San Francisco. The Cowboys’ potent offense will lead to more scoring chances for Barber.

2.  Three WRs who will breakthrough in 2008

Calvin Johnson, Kevin Walter, Patrick Crayton

A top talent, Johnson is ready to be one of the league’s top wideouts with a solid quarterback and an offense ready to feature his great skills.

Double teams on top wideouts Andre Johnson and Terrell Owens will leave Walter and Crayton with plenty of receptions and scoring chances.

3.  Which team will have the biggest fantasy disappointments i.e. expected to be a play-off contender but finishes in the basement a la the 49ers in 2007?

Arizona. If Kurt Warner becomes injured, the Cardinals offense could implode. Matt Leinart hasn’t shown he can be a consistent quarterback at the pros and needs more seasoning. Disgruntled Anquan Boldin is risky, and Edgerrin James is aging fast.

4.  The best rookie RB not named Darren McFadden?

Chris Johnson recorded the fastest 40-yard dash since electronic timing and was very productive as the featured back at East Carolina. He won’t be overused with LenDale White being the physical, inside runner.

If he can receive enough touches, Felix Jones could also be explosive in Dallas’ high-scoring offense.

5.  Two players you can't stop yourself from drafting.

Jamal Lewis and Philip Rivers.

Jamal Lewis is being undervalued as a third and fourth rounder. He’s the featured back in a strong offense that will provide him many scoring chances.

Also, Willie Parker has slipped to fourth and fifth rounds in drafts, but he can still rush for 1,000 yards and serve as a No. 2 fantasy back even if Rashard Mendenhall takes away some carries.

Rivers offers excellent value in the mid-rounds; he’s ready to take the next step and throw for multiple touchdowns consistently in a great offense. He’s working with a solid offensive line and top running game to constantly find his talented receivers open.

6.  Name a couple players who you think are being drafted too early and why?

Laurence Maroney and Roy Williams. 

Maroney’s not worth a second-rounder for a part-time back in a committee who has yet to prove he can handle the featured role and remain injury free. Williams will take a backseat to Calvin Johnson. Williams is highly overrated for a top-10 fantasy receiver who has reached 1,000 yards only once in four years and has never even reached double-digit touchdowns.