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Week Four Answers: Denver Broncos 19 Kansas City Chiefs 33

Q: Do the Broncos stick with the passing game or take a breather and let the rushing attack pound the spongy KC defense?

A: Yes. The Broncos are a passing team in the mold of the Dan Marion Miami Dolphins. This is great news for Jay Cutler, Eddie Royal, etc owners as one can rely on these players getting their touches and targets each week. It is awful news for Selvin Young owners as he is likely to be no better than a desperation start in any week going forward.

Q: With a poor Broncos' pass defense, can Damon Huard & Co. pull the upset of the week?

A: Yup. Damon Huard filled-in and did everything right. He completed 75% of his 28 passes without a turnover while Larry Johnson reminded everyone why he was considered a top 3 RB prior to this year's drafts - 198 yards with 2 TDs and five receptions.