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Week Four Answers: Minnesota Vikings 17 Tennessee Titans 30

Q: Will the Vikings be able to run enough to make-up for a poor passing game?

A: QB Gus Frerotte completed 25 of 43 passes for 266 yards so "poor" didn't really apply to the Vikings' passing game, but the Vikings couldn't hold on to the ball deep in ther own territory. Two 1st half fumbles had the Vikings trailing 20-10 at the half. Frerotte did get in the act with an INT late in the 4th quarter.

Q: Can the Titans stop the Minnesota rushing attack?

A: RB Adrian Peterson rushed 18 times for 80 yards and two TDs, but he fumbled once. That fumble led to a Titans' TD. As a matter of fact, the Titans' didn't really stop Minnesota so much that the Vikings stopped themselves with killer turnovers.