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Start Or Sit: Philadelphia Eagles RB Brian Westbrook

One of the most difficult decisions to be made this week is whether the start Philadelphia Eagles RB Brian Westbrook. Most reports have him suffering from a high ankle-like sprain. Normally, "high ankle sprain" means the player is going to miss several weeks, but, like George Michael being coy about his sexuality, the Eagles and Westbrook just hint at whether he will play even though we all think we know the answer.

The Chicago Bears utterly shutdown the the Tampa Bay rushing game last week. This combined with the iffieness of Westbrook's status would usually lead to a safe decision - sit Westbrook. However, the Buccaneers passed 67 times last week and won the game. Westbrook could easily get a TD and 100 yards receiving regardless od rushing effectiveness. But he has to play most of the game.

If I had the decision, I'd sit Westbrook as long as I had another starting RB to play. If my only choices are Pierre Thomas-esque RBs, I'd try to stay at my computer until the the Eagles release their inactives for the game. If Westbrook is active, roll the dice on him versus hoping the Thomas-like back contributes 50 yards and a TD.

Interestingly, I initially included Baltimore Raven RB Le'Ron McClain in Pierre Thomas' class, but the latest news on Willis McGahee's eye injury changed my mind. McClain is good for goal line touches and has proven himself to be a solid back when given 15+ carries. Without a passing game, McClain is a solid starting RB, and I would start him ahead of Brian Westbrook this week.