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The Ten Worst Rush Defenses

No matter how much math one sees, convincing people of the wisdom of avoiding big losses will never over power the human desire to get big winnings. This is why the worst rush defenses are so important. Are we happier to try and avoid RB Rashard Mendenhall's potential 30 yard effort against the Ravens or do we want to hit the grand slam with Selvin Young against the Kansas City Chiefs 31st ranked rushing defense and show everyone how smart we are by starting Young?

Unfortunately, two of the three worst rushing defenses and three of the worst team are on byes this week. The Detroit Lions rank last, the Indianapolis Colts 3rd to last and the New England Patriots rank 24th worst. But the St. Louis Rams give visions of Michael Turner to Marshawn Lynch owners.

Even disspirited Earnest Graham owners have reason for hope. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the strong passing game of QB Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay packers. Lost in the joy of Rodgers' success (and WR Greg Jennings') is the fact the Packers have allowed 187 yards and 217 in two of their first three games.

The 10 Worst Rush Defenses:

Rank Team RYA
32 Detroit 207.7
31 Kansas City 204
30 Indianapolis 199.7
29 St. Louis 184.3
28 Cincinnati 174.3
27 Houston 168.5
26 Green Bay 151
25 Cleveland 145
24 New England 140.7
23 Atlanta 136.7