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The Obvious Start: Steve Slaton, Chris Johnson Or Selvin Young

After three weeks, a picture of which teams have good rush defenses are beginning to emerge. This has the effect of helping fantasy footballers set their line-up based on match-ups. With six teams on bye, the number of RBs and WRs who typically start has been reduced by nine or so. This means some players who would normally sit behind stronger options will get the chance to fill-in.

Three RBs would could be amongst those choices are Steve Slaton of the Houston Texans, Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans and Selvin Young of the Denver Broncos. Based on efforts to date, one would think the order of prefernce is Johnson, Slaton and Young. After all, Johnson is 7th in the NFL in rushing yardage and Slaton just rushed for 100+ and a TD. Selvin Young has been stuck in a three-headed RBBC where he is not the goal line back.

However, a review of each back's Week Four opponent's rush defense reverses that order.

  1. Selvin Young vs. Kansas City Chiefs - 31st worst Rushing Yards Against at 204 ypg
  2. Steve Slaton vs. Jacksonville Jaguars - 17th best Rushing Yards Against at 108.7 ypg
  3. Chris Johnson vs. Minnesota Vikings - 3rd best Rushing Yards Against at 70.3. ypg