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Baseball Prospectus: You Be The GM

The build-up towards the Winter Meetings will build right after the World Series ends.  In the mean time, Baseball Prospectus and Will Carroll are offering a sort of You-Be-The-GM contest.

Everyone thinks they're a GM, so with the offseason approaching for 22 of the 30 teams, here's a contest to find out how good you really are. I have three people inside the game ready to judge—an assistant general manager, a scouting director, and a baseball ops guy who have all worked on hundreds of trades. Enter your best ideas for an off-season deal in "Comments," and the winner will receive a free month of BP Premium, plus the respect of your peers. You'll be judged on whether or not your trade is realistic, the "win-win" nature of the deal, and its creativity. Each judge will rate the entries on a 1-10 scale, and if anyone hits a 30, I'll figure out a bonus prize.

Combining the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to play fantasy baseball with the contract data from Cots Contracts, I think there are plenty of fantasy baseball participants who can put together a trade scenario that will win.