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Week Three Answers: New York Jets 29 San Diego Chargers 48

Q: Will Brett Favre and the Jets passing attack show the production that had the team as a dark horse play-off contender?

A: Down 17 points coming out the the half, the Jets were forced to the air. Favre threw for 271 yards. This would seem to indicate the passing attack is there. However, Favre's YPA was a mediocre 6.5 which indicates the passing game is limited to shorter passes.

Q: Will the real San Diego Defense please stand up?

A: This may be it. The Chargers held the Jets' offense to one TD through three quarters and allowed two more in the garbage time of the 4th where the Chargers entered with a 38-14 lead. The fact the Jets scored three times in the 4th does concern me, though.

Buy Low Fantasy Player: TE Antonio Gates. He caught a TD pass but has not been the dominate receiving option he had been in previous seasons despite QB Phillip Rivers putting up impressive stats. Gates could be a nice second piece in a deal.