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Week Three Answers: Pittsburgh Steelers 6 Philadelphia Eagles 15

Q: Does QB Ben Roethlisberger show any signs of a separated shoulder in his stat line?

A: Assuming there is a direct correlation between his final stat line and his injured shoulder, the answer is "yes". However, that is too simple. The Eagles defense spend the day in the Pittsburgh backfield sacking Roethlisberger 8 times and his injury replacement, Byron Leftwich, once.

Could one argue Big Ben would have been sacked less frequently if his shoulder was 100% and could therefore get rid of the back quicker? Sure, but there is no way to verify that. While I can't conclude the shoulder bothered him, I am still concerned.

Q: Can rookie WR DeSean Jackson have a third consecutive 100+ yards game to start his professional career?

A: No, but he did catch five passes. The rookie appears to be an integral part of the Eagles' passing game which can only benefit those fantasy owners who gambled on his upside.

Buy Low Fantasy Player: WR Santonio Holmes. With no TDs and an ailing QB, Holmes may be available. The price may not be below his draft value, but the fact he is available is a change in value, too.