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Week Three Answers: Jacksonville Jaguars 23 Indianapolis Colts 21

Q: Can RB Maurice Jones-Drew produce for the first time this season?

A: Who wins? A battered offensive line or a defense that can't stop the run? RBs Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor rushed for 107 and 121 yards, respectively. Jones-Drew broke through big time as he had an additional 59 yards on four receptions. Apparently, a defense that can't stop the rush isn't affected by a decimated offensive line.

Q: Is WR Marvin Harrison finished?

A: Tough call. Harrison had four catches, 40 yards and a TD. Interestingly, WR Anthony Gonzalez was the loser in the musical receptions game. He caught just two to Harrison and Dallas Clark's 4.

Buy Low Fantasy Player: QB Peyton Manning. If his owner has a good 2nd QB, Manning could be obtainable after his slow 2008 start. grab him now because he will get two weeks of practice to recover by Week Five.