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Week Three Answers: Cleveland Browns 10 Baltimore Ravens 28

Q: Does the Cleveland offense get back on its 2007 track?

A: No, and the team is readying a QB change. Maybe second-year QB Brady Quinn will re-invigorate the moribund Browns' offense.

Q: Can the Ravens successfully implement a three back RBBC with Ray Rice, Willis McGahee and Le'Ron McClain?

A: No, they could not. Willis McGahee had 15 carries. Le'Ron McClain had 16, and Ray Rice had five. Fantasy players have to cheer this "failure" as a three-man RBBC means 5-10 carries per back and that makes all of them unstartable. (see Denver).

RB Le'Ron McClain is making a strong case that he is the second head of a two-headed RB committee not rookie Ray Rice. He rushed for 66 yards and two TDs. He has now rushed for 152 yards in two games.

Buy Low Fantasy Player: WR Braylon Edwards. Edwards has stunk and come nowhere close to his 2nd round draft status.