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Week Three Answers: Detroit Lions 14 San Francisco 49ers 31

Q: Will the Lions be able to run?

A: Yes, but the RB wasn't rookie Kevin Smith. Veteran Rudi Johnson busted out for 83 rushing yards and 48 receiving ones with a TD reception. But while the Lions were able to run, their passing game sputtered. QB Jon Kitna went 15-for-30 with just 146 yards.

Q: Does Mike Martz run up the score on his former team?

The former Lions' offense coordinator didn't need to run-up the score. A combination of Lions' inept offense and inept defense meant the 49ers would score points. QB J.T. O'Sullivan was much more impressive, with a much less heralded recieving corps, than Lions' QB Jon Kitna.

Buy Low Fantasy Player: WR Roy Williams. Wow. Two receptions? Eight through three games? This guy had more than 1,300 yards two seasons ago.