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Week Three Answers: St. Louis Rams 13 Seattle Seahawks 37

Q: Can the Rams offense score this week?

A: Technically, the answer is "yes", but the de facto answer is "no". This is a very bad football team that shows no glimmers of hope. RB Steven Jackson has been unprodcutive despite heavy usage, and the passing game is non-existant.

Q: Does RB Julius Jones have a second 100 yards/ 1 TD game to solidify his role as the #1 back?

A: Yes. Strangely, the Seahwaks gave T.J. Duckett two goal line TDs. Jones has done everything to earn the full-time job, but head coah Mike Holgrem continues to praise Duckett and offer the chance for him to get more involved. This is not a good sign for Jones.

Buy Low Fantasy Player: WR Torry Holt. In PPR formats, Holts is a lock for a handful plus of receptions.