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Week Three Answers: New Orleans Saints 32 Denver Broncos 34

Q: Will a Saints' WR step up?

A: As measured by number of receptions, third-year WR Lance Moore caught seven. As measured by yardage, Moore still marks with 78, but 2nd-year WR Robert Meachem went for 86 on two receptions. With TE Jeremy Shockey out now, either WR becomes a viable start.

Q: Can rookie WR Eddie Royal continue to impress?

A: Depends on how you measure. By yardage, his totals decline from 146 to 37 to 11 this week. By receptions, he caught 4 passes. I prefer to measure WR values by recpetions. With more catches, there is more opportunity to rack-up YAC. Given the Broncos poor defense, Royal should continue to get receptions.

Buy Low Fantasy Player: WR Robert Meachem. After being every expert's fantasy sleeper, Meachem dropped off the fantasy map after being a healthy non-active in Week One. Injuries to the Saints' receiving options have provided Meachem to chance to prove those experts wrong/right.