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Week Three Answers: Arizona Cardinals 17 Washington Redskins 24

Q: Does Edgerrin James lose more carries to rookie RB Tim Hightower?

A: No. Hightower's carries dropped from 10 to 5 this week while James' held steady at 18, but Hightower did catch three passes. Despite the drop in carries, the sense that Hightower is a James injury ding away from major work will not be dispelled.

Q: Will QB Jason Campbell produce again?

A: 2 TDs and nearly 200 yards passing qualifies as "productive". That egg he layed in Week One looks like an aberation. He has a tough match-up this week at Dallas, but he did light up the Cowboys last season with a career-high 348 yards and 2 TDs.

Buy Low Fantasy Player: QB Jason Campbell. His Week One effort was so horrendous that he is likely avaiable for nothing in the free agent pool. QBs who can consitently throw for 200 yards and a couple TDs are much better than most fantasy players realize.