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Week Three Answers: Houston Texans 12 Tennessee Titans 31

Q: How does RB Steve Slaton/Chris Taylor do?

A: RB Steve Slaton will likely be amongst the most added players this week as his 116 yd/1 TD effort opened a lot of eyes. He also caught four passes for those in PPR formats. Chris Taylor had six rushes for 15 yards and zero receptions. I like Slaton and, with the byes beginning, he is likely going to be a viable start for the next seven weeks, but I don't believe he will get many more touches than the 22 he received and likely fewer.

Q: Will QB Kerry Collins provide a semblence of a traditional passing attack?

A: Yes. His leading receiver was WR Justin McCareins who caught four passes for 90 yards. However, this team will continue to run. Barring huge deficits, the offense is going to be run first and second. With the Tians' defense looking elite albeit against three of the weaker offensive opponenets in the NFL this season, one can't forsee too many games where the Titans are trying to come back from 2+ TDs.

Buy Low Fantasy Player: WR Andre Johnson. Only rumors of QB Matt Schaub being benched prevented him from being named here. Those same rumors along with the Texans poor showings this season may have Johnson owners open to dealing one of the game's better WRs.