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Week Three Answers: Miami Dolphins 38 New England Patriots 13

Q: Will RB Ronnie Brown be a major factor in the offense?

A: In hindsight, that is the most under-stated question of the entire 2008 NFL season. Brown rushed for more than 100 yards and 4 TDs and threw a TD pass. Who knew the Patriots run defense was so horrible? Ricky Williams rushed for 98 yards, too. Or the pass defense. QB Chad Pennington completed 17 of 20 passes.

Q: Will WR Randy Moss elevate QB Matt Cassel's stat line?

A: No. Matt Cassel is what he is - a back-up QB. His 4.2 YPA against a Dolphins pass defense that was scorched in the previous week should have the Patriots looking at veteran QBs during their bye week.

Buy Low Fantasy Player: WR Randy Moss. Could his owner even get RB Earnest Graham for him?