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Week Three Answers: Carolina Panthers 10 Minnesota Vikings 20

Q: With the return of WR Steve Smith, what happens to the production of the other receivers?

A: WR Steve Smith was the leading receiver with four catches for 70 yards. Unfortunately, the Panthers were unable to throw or rush effectively against the Minnesota defense. That said, D.J. Hackett caught two passes, Muhsin Muhhammed caught three and TEs Jeff King and Dante Rosario combined for five receptions.

Q: How does QB Gus Frerotte do?

A: OK, I guess. He completed 16 of 28 passes for 208 yards and a TD. He also hit WR Bernard Berrian on a 48-yard pass. Frerotte will be more accurate than Tavaris Jackson, but I am concerned his lack of mobility will end-up hurting the passing game as much as Jackson's lack of accuracy. Gus was sacked three times while Jackson was sacked three times in two games.

Buy Low Fantasy Player: WR Bernard Berrian. His season-to-date has been harmed by lingering injuries and former QB Tavaris Jackson's accuracy issues. He can likely be had for a song right now.