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Week Three Answers: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27 Chicago Bears 24

Q: Without WR Joey Galloway and an immobile QB in Brian Griese, which receivers benefit?

A: WR Antonio Bryant caught 10 passes for a 138 yards. Both totals are stunning but not as stunning as the number of passes QB Brian Griese threw - 67! Will this be the new Tampa Bay offense? If so, then there is some worry about the ongoing value of RB Earnest Graham. After catching 49 passes last season, he was shutout in this game.

Q: Can Matt Forte provide another productive fantasy line?

A: Yes. 89 yards rushing along with 66 yards receiving and a TD puts Forte in borderline RB1 status in any fantasy football format.

Buy Low Fantasy Player: WR Ike Hilliard. With the byes portion of the 2008 NFL schedule upon us, ignore Hillard's 2 TDs and 5.1 receptions per game average at your own peril.